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The Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation (Fostering Arts-Mind Education) is a team of educators with the shared passion of improving the education of our youth and the effectiveness of the teachers who guide them.

Enrique, the Director of Evolved Learning uses humor, guided questions
and the ability to communicate at the child’s level to engage 3 – 5 year olds
for over 25 minutes in one continuous session in the classroom of
Juelisse Colon in San Juan, Puerto Rico (August 20, 2003).

Our enduring commitment is to the on-going refinement of Life Learning Techniques that we have created, with the purpose of enhancing the learning environment for children and teachers alike.

As we endeavor to enrich the lives of thousands of children, teachers, and parents, we continue to evolve ourselves.

Our organization is truly a team--significant individuals who play prominent roles in education today, thus enhancing our Foundation’s ability to network and partner itself in empowering ways.

One such leader is our Executive Committee Chair, Dr. Willie Hill, Jr., who is the current President of the National Association for Music Education (MENC). Dr. Hill is also the Fine Arts Director at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and a former President of the International Association For Jazz Education (IAJE)

Another is Dr. David Woods, our Executive Committee Vice Chair. Dr. Woods is Dean of the School of Fine Arts at the University of Connecticut in Storrs. He has also lead numerous educational institutions, including Indiana University School of Music, University of Oklahoma Fine Arts College, and the University of Arizona School of Music and Dance.

The Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation’s unique credentials are also evident with Debbie Clement, regarded as one of our nation’s premiere Early Childhood educators. Ms. Clement is a highly sought after keynote speaker, teacher trainer, and guest artist with children in Ohio and throughout the United States.

Our organization is led by Enrique “Hank” C. Feldman, who is both President and Director of Educational Training. Mr. Feldman’s prominent background in music education was accentuated with his tenure at Assessment Technology Inc. where he trained hundreds of Head Start teachers.

Mr. Feldman’s simultaneous immersion in the worlds of music performance, both classical and jazz, composition, and as a clinician, make him the epitome of how an Arts background impacts the ability to successfully multi-task.