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Read about Gail Fischler teaching at-risk children piano through the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation

For self-evaluation purposes the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation uses a five-point scale for their trainings and conferences. Below you can see how this numeric scale translates.

Score of 5 Outstanding (5+ is a voluntary score chosen by the participant)
Score of 4 Excellent
Score of 3 Good/Average

Sample Training Feedback
On January 26th – 27th, the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation had the pleasure of training over 30 teachers, family educators, parents and administrators from the Child-Parent Centers, Inc. in Tucson, Arizona as part of a series of 9 days of training.

Out of 243 responses on our evaluations, here is how we were evaluated.

Score of 5+: 7
Score of 5:- 217
Score of 4: 18
Score of 3 1

Below are a brief sampling of testimonials from participants from the January 26th – 27th seminar.

“The most enjoyable area was the awareness of how to value a child in a very fun way.” Esmeralda Snyder

“I enjoyed all areas of this seminar. Speakers were very informative and approachable. I enjoyed all song and prop activities. I learned a lot about crossing the mid-line and importance in using music to help children reach their potential.” Sonia Martinez

“Today’s demonstrations connected the song’s produced by Debbie. Relaxation and visualization was reinforced and the “Tree and the Wind” stood out stronger. Deborah Daniel

“Most of all I love learning the songs from Debbie and the breathing techniques from Enrique. I enjoyed the whole day from beginning to end. How fun it was. Thank you so much.” Maria R. Mejia

“I loved the hands-on and interactive direction of the seminar. The activities really lightened my mood and took my mind off of my stress. I will definitely try to add this to our daily routines.” Aimee Wiggs

“The seminar trainers were very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. The trainers provided a lot of hands on materials. The seminar was very interesting. I can’t wait to use the tools I just learned. I’m excited!!” Schjuna Carson

“Debbie’s presentation was enthusiastic and appropriate – thanks for addressing questions for family educators.” Chris Hetler

“My favorite aspect of the seminar was the pace of the day and the enthusiasm of Debbie and Enrique. The entire day was great fun! I can’t wait to use what I learned today with children.” Esther Leyva-McGee

Testimonials From Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation Trained Head Start Teachers

Sharon King
"Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation training has helped me adjust to the stress in my life. It also gives me new ways to introduce activities in the classroom. I received many new ideas to use with my class. The children have realized that they can be champions regardless of their background. They enjoy many ways of reading stories and experience many kinds of music."

Head Start children in Carmen Velazquez’ classroom being led in
conducting Mozart in a 2/4 pattern. Learning in spatial awareness,
cognitive development, gross and fine motor skills, vocabulary,
and early math all take place simultaneously in a contextual
play-based environment. (San Juan, Puerto Rico, August 21, 2003)

Elaine Yehle Bowen
An observation I made at our Arlington Head Start site: "I am the Nutrition Consultant and I was out doing a lunchtime monitoring of 3 classrooms yesterday. In both rooms 1 & 3, the children were loud, getting up and down from the lunch tables and having trouble focusing on what they were doing. In room 5, it was quieter, children stayed in their seats and were engaged in a pleasant meal/normal voice conversation with the teacher and teacher assistant. The difference was that in room 5 there was classical music playing in the backround. I was amazed. I came back to the office and told Yu-Ling; she smiled and commented that I should let you know. The children were having a relaxing, non-chaotic meal experience and it was wonderful - it was like they were a family gathered around the dinner table. It would be awesome to see that in every room!
In amazement and appreciation,"
Elaine Yehle Bowen, R.D., L.D.
Nutrition Consultant - Akron Summit Community Agency

Patti Anderson
"After attending my first Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation training I decided to jump right in. The children were sitting on the carpet doing what they usually do. Four or five of them were sitting with their hands folded in their laps watching me. The others were spinning on their heads, rolling on the floor, etc. I pushed the play button on the C.D. player and started to read as the music played. As I read the story with the music, the children's eyes grew and shrank with the music. Not a sound was made. As I finished the book, each child just sat there. Another book was within reach. I grabbed it and made it through that book. It worked! The children and I really look forward to our story times now."

Donna Swartz
"The first time I read with the music, one little boy who had never listened to a story sat mesmerized. After the story, he remembered every detail of the story! He was even observed re-telling or re-reading the story. As I progressed at "surfing the words," the children seemed to grasp more and more. Each morning, the employees began to do a relaxation breathing session. After doing this for several months, we have noticed our day goes much better."


Crystal Smith
"I do the Rhythmic Breathing, Affirmation and Visualizations, and Dramatic Delivery everyday with my afternoon class. Recently, I have also been doing this with the morning class as well. I have seen a 180 degree turnaround in the morning class! There is hardly any difference in the two classes now. This is something I will always do with both classes from now on."


From Parents

Ginny Reeves
"I just wanted to let you know how well the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation program is working with my 4 year old son Jack. The other day his 2-year old sister Abby asked Jack to read her a story. ‘OK’ Jack said, ‘you sit beside me…now breath in, breath out.’ Then looking down at the book he made up a name for the book and said ‘this is the title page and the author is…well I don't know but somebody wrote it.’ One other time Abby was trying to put together a train track and was getting very upset because it wouldn't work. Jack said, ‘Abby, do this…breath in…breath out and then you can do it.’”


Chris Mossor
"My daughter Natasha was having a hard time recognizing her letters and sitting still while being read to. Her Head Start teachers started using the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation. techniques in the classroom with her and I was using them at home with her as well. It was not very long before she was sitting still while being read to. Not long after that she started pointing to letters in the book that were in her name and saying 'That's in my name, it's the letter N'. She would tell me what the letter was. As a teacher and parent I have seen children who could not sit still for a story to sit and be interested in the story being read."



From Students

Fall 2004 Student Quotes from Champion Vision
When asked how they think differently today as compared to prior to this class, these PPEP TEC Charter School students said:

Roxanna Espinoza "Now I think about how to save my money and my school grades to get into college. Before I didn’t really care about that kind of stuff. My plans after graduating from PPEP TEC are to go to college and study to be a lawyer or a photographer."

Stephanie Atkinson "Before this class I had no idea what I wanted to do after high school. Now, my future is much more important and I think about my career much more. I also learned that the stock market is not such a scary place and how to invest my money in good things and then how to manage my money. I am going to go to Pima for a year to take my foreign language and then to the University of Arizona to get my BA. After that, I plan to go to Forensic Training."

Anonymous Student "I think that huge things are able to be gotten. This class helped me learn that I can actally succeed."

Michael Sosa "I think about my future now. Before this class I did not. This class has opened my eyes to so many possibilities."

Stephanie Rivera "I know how to breathe much better [and I’m now familiar] with the different types of breathing. [I’ve also] learned about money and how to use it."

Isela Fisher "[It (the class) has helped me to think about] how I will start my own business (as a vetinerian). It also helped me to know how to save money for my future using the stock market."

Anonymous Student "I have a brighter outlook on life. I used to be a lot more negative. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to Pima Community College and maybe from there to the University of Arizona."

Fernando Seeley "[I now know] that there are more choices. It [this class] let me know that there are more options to my life. [After I graduate,] I plan on getting a job and starting my life. Maybe I’ll start my own business sometime later."

Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation Musiclink Scholarship Recipient Anna Triplett
"The Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation entered my life when I was in the seventh grade. One of my teachers, Mr. Lowndes, knew just how much I was interested in music and also how I was devoted to it. He found out about a program by simply calling the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation...I was on my summer vacation when I received a call from the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation letting me know that I was awarded a scholarship. I cannot begin to explain to you how happy I was, nevertheless, I felt as though I was a step closer to accomplishing my dream of being a singer."

"Two years later and I'm still going strong in the program. My vocal teacher Jennifer Schwartz is amazing, and she has really strengthened my voice. The Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation program has benefited me in so many ways, but the main benefit is that it helps me take a step closer to accomplishing my dream of becoming a singer."

Students who have participated in our Leadership Mentoring Class for At-Risk K-12 Students

"It changed me by making me think more about my future. How big I think. How small I think. It helped me to keep looking deep in myself. It helped me understand we can do it if we put our mind to it. The world is in my hands."

"It (the class) helped me think about long-term goals and how to manage my money and how I can do anything I set my mind to. This class helped me to believe in myself."

"This class has helped me in many ways. The way in which it helped me the most is that it has motivated me. It has made my goals easier to attain and has helped me better visualize my future."