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The Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation programs include two types of partnerships: Life Learning Training for both Early Childhood and K-12 programs.

The Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation trains Head Start teachers and parents, creating a team chemistry which impacts their effectiveness with children. Serving both rural and inner city programs, this partnership addresses the needs of diverse demographic and multi-cultural groups.

The intent is to increase teacher and parent effectiveness, raise children’s academic performance, and elevate the expectations of children, families, and teachers.

Our long term vision for this partnership is the creation and on-going refinement of a holistic bridge that is educational in nature, research based, and permeated with developmentally sound approaches, including team building for long term impact with programs we serve.


Every eye of every child is transfixed on the book describing animals and colors. With specific classical music in the background and a heightened level of attention, children begin the process of reading in the classroom of Irmaire Diaz in San Juan, Puerto Rico (August 20, 2003).



The Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation’s K-12 Programs include:

Musiclink Scholarship Program

This Tucson, Arizona based regional partnership identifies students between the ages 6 – 18 who have a serious interest in studying music and also show a financial need. The Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation pays for approximately 75% of the cost of musical study. The remaining 25% is paid by the student’s family.

PPEP Musiclink Partnership

This regional partnership is a combination of efforts from the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation, Musiclink Foundation (link), and the PPEP TEC Charter School system (link). PPEP TEC (Portable Practical Educational Preparation) is an organization serving Southern Arizona with multiple programs, one of them being their 13 Charter Schools in rural and inner city areas. Their charter schools have received national acclaim for academic excellence.

The classes Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation brings to this partnership include:

Weekly Champion Vision Leadership Mentoring Classes
Weekly Zone Accelerated Learning Sessions
Monthly Distance Learning Sessions
Weekly Group Visual Art Classes
Weekly Group Guitar Classes