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Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation trainers are individuals with knowledge and experience in the Early Childhood classroom. Additionally, our trainers are experienced in training teachers and trainers, with an extensive knowledge in the areas of personality recognition, learning styles, and multiple intelligences.

Our training team is lead by our President and Director of Educational Training, Mr. Enrique C. Feldman.

As President of the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation, Mr. Feldman continues to craft educational models which are sustainable for both the classroom and the home learning environment.

His professional activities include numerous publications, including four compact disc recordings, extensive outreach with early childhood arts education, and numerous keynote addresses.

All trainings are interactive in nature and include live demonstrations with children in their classroom environment. Additionally, trainings are conducted with age appropriate techniques and with a play-based environment in mind. The possibility of attaching college credit for training exists at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Training locations on-site with the exception of our annual LEARNING CONFERENCE. Our training includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1) From a 1-day contact to 30 days of contact spread out through the year.

2) Live demonstrations with 3 – 5 year olds in their classroom setting.

3) Dramatic delivery techniques, with an emphasis on Early Literacy techniques.

4) Rhythmic delivery techniques, with an emphasis on Early Math techniques.

5) Relaxation and breathing techniques for adults and children to reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance performance.

6) Visualization and affirmation techniques for adults and children, including an emphasis on science and nature.

7) Improvisation techniques to enhance teachers' ability to take advantage of learning opportunities.

8) An emphasis on how to permeate your classroom with self-concept boosters in order to create life long learners.

9) Heightening awareness of the link between cognitive development and the Arts.

10) The use of Life Learning Techniques outside the classroom.

11) Extended Vocabulary Techniques.

12) Basic use of Signing Techniques with all children.

13) Integrating multiple intelligences in natural and conceptual ways.


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