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Debbie Clement
Arts Enrichment Specialist

Debbie Clement is one of the most gifted Arts teachers in the country. Her specialty is staff development and working directly with students. She was just recently asked to serve as one of the keynote speakers for the European Early Childhood Conference.

Ms. Clement received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wittenberg University in 1979.

From 1979 to 1996 she served as a teacher and support services coordinator for the Childhood League Center in Columbus, Ohio (a preschool for children with Developmental delays). While on staff with the Childhood League Center, she (1) managed and delivered the Arts and Music program throughout the center; (2) expanded the Arts program through grant writing and cooperative planning; (3) supervised visiting artists interaction with staff and students; (4) supervised the staff development plan for arts enrichment and instruction; and (5) authorized and organized state documentation and licensing requirements.

In 1996 Debbie began Rainbows Within Reach and began to expand the scope of her services. Her numerous workshops every year with Head Start programs, Even Start programs, K – 12 public schools, special education programs, Ohio Department of Education in-services have been received with rave reviews.

In November of 1997, Ms. Clement was awarded the Ella Lyman Cabot Trust Award, awarded in honor of preschool music program for children with special needs in central Ohio. Debbie has released two recordings for children; Debbie’s Ditties for Little Kiddies (1997) and Debbie’s Ditties 2 Much Fun (2000).