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                             Enrique C. Feldman, Founder

The Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit education organization based in Tucson, Arizona, focuses on improving how children learn, and how teachers and parents teach. Our mission is to improve the success of children, their families, and teachers through the integration of Artistic and Holistic Life Learning techniques; to expand their imagination in the classroom and at home.    

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Donna Swartz, a Headstart Teacher and Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation Graduate
“The first time I read with the music, one little boy who had never listened to a story sat mesmerized. After the story, he remembered every detail of the story! He was even observed re-telling or re-reading the story. As I progressed at “surfing the words,” the children seemed to grasp more and more..."

Chris Mossor, Parent
“My daughter Natasha was having a hard time recognizing her letters and sitting still while
being read to. Her Head Start teachers started using the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation's techniques in the
classroom with her and I was using them at home with her as well. It was not very long
before she was sitting still while being read to..."

Elaine Yehle Bowen, Nutrition Consultant
An observation I made at our Arlington Head Start site:
"I am the Nutrition Consultant and I was out doing a lunchtime monitoring of 3 classrooms yesterday. In both rooms 1 & 3, the children were loud, getting up and down from the lunch tables and having trouble focusing on what they were doing. In room 5, it was quieter, children stayed in their seats and were engaged in a pleasant meal/normal voice conversation with the teacher and teacher assistant. The difference was that in room 5
there was classical music playing in the backround. I was amazed. I came back to the office and told Yu-Ling; she smiled and commented that I should let you know. The children were having a relaxing, non-chaotic meal experience and it was wonderful - it was like they were a family gathered around the dinner table. It would be awesome to see that in every room!
In amazement and appreciation,"
Elaine Yehle Bowen, R.D., L.D.
Nutrition Consultant - Akron Summit Community Agency


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